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Recover Your Lost Personal Paperwork or Help Return Someone Else’s!

The previous tenant of a storage unit may have lost their lease through whatever fault. We don’t hold it against someone for not be able to pay their bills or their troubles – but as storage auction bidders (and winners) we are morally obligated, as well as legally obligated in some states; to hold a prior tenants paperwork and photographs. The problem being we then have to store their personal paperwork in hopes that person comes back looking for it.

The other problem is when that prior tenant also believes they should get “all” of their things returned. It’s a hard problem to handle for some people – but we feel that the majority, if not all, auction hunters out there want people to have their personal paperwork and photos. Some images simply cannot be replaced. I know of several in my home that I have scanned and made duplicates of, and even keep in my safe=deposit box at my bank. I’m sure no one wishes to have their past simply tossed out like trash.

Find Lost has remedied this, sort of. We put together a “Lost and Found” section of our forum where a prior tenant can post a simple message stating what it is they are missing included with other information. We will state though that any person can “ask” for their items returned, that’s not to say it will happen or has to happen (dependent on local/state laws).

When posting in the forum, please be sure to list the storage facility name, city, state, approximate date of auction and unit number(s). This will help when trying to find your personal belongings. Please leave as much detail as possible about the lost items.

As the auction winner, if you would like to post items you found please post the storage facility name, city, state, date of auction and unit number(s) where the items were found. We would also suggest not to give out your home phone, cell phone or any other information to the prior tenant. Using a gmail, hotmail or other non-descriptive email account for communication we think would be a better way of communicating with the prior tenant.

Another suggestion would be to let the prior tenant know that you will release the paperwork, photos – etc to the storage facility manager only and that you will not meet them at any location. Doing so may put yourself in harm, you just never know. We had read a story where a person tried to give back the photos to a prior tenant and then were harassed to give everything back (furniture, radios etc). To the point of receiving verbal threats!

Drop Off Scenarios:
1. Possibly drop the items off at the storage facility and then email the person letting them know the items are there. This of course would need the storage manager approval.
2. Meet in front of a police station to drop off the photos or documents. Let an officer know why you are there.
If you are going to give these items back to the owner, maybe you can drop them off at a police station or the storage facility where you got them. This is your call. We have never dealt with this so unsure how it would work.

Either way the service is available for you so lets see if we can make this work or not. Our hopes are that it does work and some people have their items returned. It does please the soul to do something nice. You will need to register to post in the forum, membership is free.

Please leave a comment below on how you think it would be safe to return personal effects.

Disclaimer: The owners of this site are not responsible for any aspect of a transaction. Any agreement or transaction between forum members, monetary or otherwise is the responsibility of either party and at the sole discretion of either party. it’s subsidiaries or affiliates cannot be held liable for any problem that may arise out of personal property issues or agreements.

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