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US State Self Storage Facility Lien Laws

US State Storage lien laws for storage auction facilities. When a self storage facility needs to evict a tenant they must follow strict laws set by the state. Some US state laws also pertain to the people that win an auction to take control of the unit and its contents. Some states require that any private paperwork be given to the facility manager or held for a certain period of time…

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Avoid Storage Unit Auction Mistakes

If you want to use storage unit auctions as a way to make money, there are some things you need to avoid when you head to the auction. Most importantly its money and the money is made with the reselling of merchandise won at an auction. How you resell your merchandise can have an impact on your profits, but your biggest potential for making money starts at mini storage auctions. To increase your chances of making money, avoid these common mistakes.

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3000 Year Old Seeds Found in Storage Unit

After identification, statistics and measurement, researchers from various fields found that these remains of plants were preserved very well and most of seeds and kernels had not been carbonized. The appearance of these seeds and kernels can be said to be bright and fresh as ever and that….

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Storage Units Lost and Found Department has put together a “Lost and Found” section of the forum where a prior tenant can post a simple message stating what it is they are missing included with other information. We will state though that any person can “ask” for their items returned, that’s not to say it will happen or has to happen (dependent on local/state laws). There is also a place for auction winners to post items they may have found…

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Utah Self Storage Auction Lien Laws

Where a rental agreement, as defined in Subsection 38-8-1(6), is entered into between the owner and the occupant, the owner of the self-service storage facility and the owner’s heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns have a lien upon all personal property located at the self-service storage facility for rent, labor, or other charges, present or future, in relation to the personal property and for expenses necessary for its preservation or expenses reasonably incurred in its sale or other disposition under this chapter.

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